When you understand what your favourite camera and lens can do, and you have offered your services to others, you may come across another opportunity to work on the streets in Fashion Photography. Don’t be scared, because here, with a little bit of knowledge, comes a lot of sense.

My first piece of advice for the budding fashion photographer is to read, read and read some more. It’s my only bit of advice if I’m brutally honest.

Vogue, Life, anything which touches the 50’s 60’s and 70’s in Fashion Photography. Here you will get ideas to make your mind tremble. You need to practice, and this is where booking a good experienced model comes in.

Set yourself up on Model Mayhem or Pure Storm. Here you can contact models in your region and work on building your portfolio and experience. There is nothing worse then turning up to a paid job unprepared. You can also get a cheap mobile studio set on eBay for about $220. Models can be around $50 and hour, some demand a minimum of two hours.

Don’t give out all the photos taken. Make sure you delete any bad or blurred ones. Give what you think best represents you. If you are learning take in colour and revert where needed. Photoshop will help here.

Remember, You don’t need a full frame camera to capture the shot you want. Just hours of practice and some intuition. Keep practicing and whatever you do will be good enough. There are no perfect photographers.

Chloe Aboud from Ireland
Gael from China