Whether it’s parks, roof tops, or just the plain simple streets, cities are an abundance of wildlife, food and shelter. Although some foxes have recently made London home, Seagulls have invaded many coastal cities, and the Python has worryingly moved in to Manilla, before these strangers ever wandered in to our Capitals, we had another feathered friend lay their nest in our homes. Pigeons.

Pigeons come from the family of the Wild Rock Dove, and were given their name by German Naturist Johann Friedrich Gmelin (1748–1804), in 1789. Pigeons are really wild rock doves, who made a bid for freedom after having been caught in the wild. There natural habitat is the rocks which line the seashore, and their natural preditor in the wild is the Pereigrin Falcon.

There is also the false belief they can spread bird flu. They can neither contract it, nor pass it on, however they can pass on Salmonella, and some Parrot Fever. They generally live on roof tops and abandoned buildings, mate for life and you will hear them cooing if mating.

Lady feeding pigeons in St Stephen's Green Dublin