If there’s one thing I find hard to ignore it’s a beautiful voice, and when it rings out in a city’s darkness it’s even more evocative. Scenes like these build up your portfolio so don’t forget to stop and take in the beauty and the skill of these aural performers.

Gospel singing on O'Connell Street in Dublin Ireland

Try and capture how people are affected by any given scene you photograph, and remember to give context to the photograph.

People stand around and chat while listening to a Gospel singers in Dublin Ireland

Try and explain through a photo what it is about. A tshirt or top can give you everything you need. Uniforms are good too.

Gospel singers add some percussion to their voices on a street in Dublin Ireland

Instruments are great too. Try and get a picture or too of someone playing. If they have their eyes shut the flash is ok.

A man plays piano in the street for a Gospel Choir in Dublin Ireland